Monday, August 19, 2013

Road Trip with Kids - From Holland to Italy

I'm really happy to be back here, (not very energized or relaxed I might add) just happy. Our road trip (our first of this kind), was by general consensus, one of our best vacations ever. With no plans, or specific dates to follow (just more or less with an idea where we should sleep), we headed south, and stayed there for 20 days. We stayed with family on two occasions, our first airbnb rental (not of my liking) and simple hotels. We basically stopped whenever we felt like it, which is the best way to do it, especially with kids.

The only plan we had, didn't work out,which was staying in Italy for longer. So much for making plans huh? We adjusted everything, and in the end it all worked out just fine.

We got to see amazing views, and witness how the landscape changed between countries.

We threw rocks in some unknown river.

We swam in lakes.

And climbed to see a castle (Haut-Koenigsbourg), just because we saw it from the road.

We even managed to break a finger. Thankfully, we were at Jillian's for the day and it all went smoothly.

The only museum we visited was the Chocolate Museum in Strasbourg. We only stopped for carrousels or gelatos (of course peeing, but that is just an obligation). The only line we stood in, was to buy the best pizza in Florence (Gusta Pizza). We didn't learn much about the places we visited, but instead we learned a lot (A LOT) from ourselves. We drove for over 4,000 kilometers. Oh, and the cheapest gas can be found in Luxembourg, just in case you are curious.

Roughly we:

  • Crossed 7 countries
  • Devoured 20 gelatos (per person, that is more or less one per day)
  • Enjoyed 9 Pizzas (per person)
  • Ate the best Porchetta (in Rome, same lunch for 3 days)
  • Swam in 3 lakes
  • Spotted 5 deers
  • Got on 3 carrousels
  • Drank from 10 Water fountains 
  • Visited 1 Villa because we got lost (Enrico Caruso's Bellosguardo)
  • Found 1 photobooth and took 3 strips of photos
  • Visited 5 churches (random ones)
  • Enjoyed 5 picnics
  • Made only 1 Barbecue 
  • Encountered the worst non-moving traffic, 3 and a half hours (in Switzerland)

Have you ever taken long road trips, as a kid or an adult, or as an adult with kids? Was it a great experience for you? Or is this something you would never, never consider?

I wish you a most wonderful start of the week.


  1. Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

    1. Thank you! We did have an amazing time!

  2. Wow love the list!!! And the photos really tell the story! I think road trips can be quite amazing (with the right company) and no planning always means more fun!!!

    1. Road trips with good company? Is there a story you would like to share? jajajaa
      Yes! No planning was the best decision!


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