Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Star Festival - Tanabata in Amsterdam

This past sunday I had the pleasure of attending the star festival (my first time) organized by Kyoko at the Jacaranda Tree here in Amsterdam.

Tanabata means the night of the seventh, also known as the Star festival. It is a legend about 2 stars separated by the Milky way, who are only allowed to see each other once a year. A common tradition is to write your wishes on a thin strip of paper and hang it together with other ornaments on a bamboo branch. If you like you can read more about it here.

 Painting stars with vegetables and handmade inks by Flatto81.

 Roppongi was selling delicious Japanese treats!!

 Of course, I can't help myself whenever I see a bunting.

 Goldfish and ballon scooping. His favorite activity by far! At one point he had his whole leg in the tub.

 Painting the Milky Way mural.

In the photo booth by designer Fumiko Ito.

And guess who won the raffle?? Yes! It is now hanging proudly in my living room. It is such a nice feeling to win something, especially when it is so beautiful!

Our bamboo branch with all the ornaments we made (when I say we made, it really means I made).

It was a lovely afternoon with plenty of wonderful crafts to be made, and snacks to be eaten. Plus I got to see my friend Masaaki again, and the winning of the raffle was the icing on the cake!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love all things Japan! Ufff y me encanta la historia de las dos estrellas! Tan cool tener esas tradiciones!

    1. I know, traditions and celebrations are the best, even if they are not from your own culture they're great. Love japan!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Lovely! This looks like my kind of get together! And congrats on winning the raffle. I never win anything!

    1. It was a great get together, so fun and inspiring! And thanks, I rarely win anything, last time was one year ago almost exactly ;)

  3. That's a super romantic festival! Looks like you both had lots of fun... and lucky you for winning the raffle. Does it mean something if you win it? Will it bring extra luck?

    1. It was really nice to be there. No extra luck there, but I get to stare at this beautiful garland in my living room endlessly, so what better luck?


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