Monday, June 17, 2013

Washi-Tape Alphabet

The idea for this post started a month ago, before my trip to Berlin. It was only meant to be a P and an H. Then 2 weeks ago I thought; "wouldn't it be nice a whole washi-tape alphabet?" It ended up looking pretty nice (or so I thought), but then something happened, something that occurs in the immensity or smallness of our world. This past week I saw that Creature Comforts had made something very similar, and I went gulp, and also said some words in the vicinity of "holy cannoli!!"
Hers (like all the things she does) is beautiful, has a downloadable alphabet and they are stickers (why didn't I come up with that idea?).
In any case, I was thinking of what to put inside an envelope to send to my pen pal, and this is how this very brilliant idea, never done before in the world of washi-tape (add very cynic tone here), was born.

This is what you'll need:

  • A favorite font printed (this is arial bold, 300 size)
  • cardboard
  • scissors or X-acto knife
  • all the washi-tape you can find

  • Cover the letters with the washi-tape, and then simply cut the excess tape. I recommend just doing the letter you want, as the whole alphabet (I mean there are 26 letters, that is like a lot of time and lots of washi-tape, believe me).

    Beware, washi-tape can be very addictive. You have been warned!!

    Here are a few ideas of what to do with all those letters. Before sending your friend her initial, write all the words you come up with that start with that letter (I know a bit childish, but we pen pals like all childish stuff, or maybe it is just me?). As a bookmark, for your mood board, or for the wall, where my G is now looking all good and great!!

    Have a most excellent monday, if it is turning a bit blah, just take out the washi-tape and have fun!



    1. Brilliant! I think I will do this for Tala's room. Thank goodness her name is only four letters!

      1. Yes, hooray for names with four letters, they're the best!! Let me know if you ever make it ;)


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