Friday, June 7, 2013

Visiting Budapest for a Few Days

I still have some posts from Berlin, but today I felt like showing you bits of the wonderful city we visited last week. Budapest had been on my list of cities to see (sooner rather than later), and instead of going to the same places we usually tend to visit, we decided to go to a new city for all of us. My older son had a one week break and apparently many people did as well, because all the other cities in Europe were extremely expensive at this time, except of course for Budapest. So yayyy for Budapest!!! It was indeed an incredible place to explore.

Saint Stephen's Basilica
Covered Market 
Tram with Szabadsag bridge in the back
Szechenyi Baths
The closest metro station to where we were staying
Random building - some were so impressive, others were literally falling apart
Part of the ceiling of the entrance to the Museum of Applied Arts
And well, I just couldn't help myself. A cool combo don't you think??
I know there is a theme going on in here, but I only realized it when I was looking at the pictures. So many things were yellow in the city. It wasn't like I was only taking pictures of yellow things, although it looks like it.
I have so many things I would like to show you from this city and I still don't know how to organize it all in a proper way. Are there any particular things that you would like to see when people travel?? Some pointers??

I hope you get lots and lots of yellow (in the form of sun rays) all weekend long!!
Have a good one!


  1. Oh, I've always wanted to visit Budapest, and now I want to even more! It's so fun that your photos capture so much yellow -- you must be in a sunny mood. :) xo

    1. Budapest was an amazing surprise, I hope you get to visit it pretty soon! The sun is finally here, maybe that is one of the reasons for all that yellow!


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