Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Wishes

Easter is lovely because it marks the nicest weather arriving very soon. Everything is about chocolate and bunnies and the cutest pastel colored festivities. Of course that was when I lived in New York (oh I miss it soooo). As you all well know by now or not?  I'm in South America, just above the equator line were the weather is almost always the same; Easter here is called Semana Santa- 'Holy Week' and it is basically about a week off from work; some go to church but others just look for the perfect 'breather' getaway. 

I will be doing just that since my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a trip to the beach, but I will have more details on the matter later on. I'm so excited!

I hope wherever and whatever your Easter is about, you have a fantastical time with your loved ones... because in the end it is about enjoying the sweet chocolate bunnies moments.

Have a peachy pastel kind of day, and a happy weekend!


  1. Happy Easter weekend to you both Giovannina and Giova! (going to the beach sounds amazing... we had wet snow here yesterday!)

    1. Thank you Judith!! Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!!

  2. Pues FELICES PASCUAS!!!! Pascua florida. De "huevos de colores" y enormes conejos de "chocolate" pues si.
    Al disfrute de lo elementalmente bello. FELICES PASCUAS!!!!


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