Sunday, February 10, 2013

Handmade Envelopes

One of the sponsors for the Alt Summit conference was Citizens of Humanity. They are a company that specializes in jeans. For the conference they brought a very beautiful magazine, and I grabbed one thinking; "Yeah, I can take this, no problem!" Well, no! It was heavy and very big, but did I mention beautiful? And the paper was just too amazing to throw away, so I did the best I could to save the nicest  pages thinking they would be perfect for envelopes, and since I'm a "snail-mailer" I'm always in need of envelopes. It is the simplest activity. Here are some instructions just for fun!

Gather the pages of your beautiful magazine, the ones you don't feel like parting with.
Take apart an envelope, in my case it is a size A6 from Paper Source and trace it.
Cut it.
Fold it and glue it 
Write your letter and adorn the envelope as you wish
Here is my collection of "new" envelopes. I'm admiring them a bit longer before sending them out!

"To get a letter, you must send a letter." It is the Letter Writers Alliance motto. If you are in need of a pen pal check them out.

Have a very crafty Sunday!


  1. ENORME!!!!!! Esta es una fabulosa idea..... Y RECUPERAR el "ARTE DE LA CARTA" es mas GRANDE. Me gusta mucho, mucho.

    1. A ver, la veo pues cogiendo lapiz y papel!

  2. I love making envelopes like this! And with magazine paper there's always a surprise print on the inside too!
    I had to leave some beautiful catalogues behind in Sweden as well, because of excess luggage. But couldn't help to rip off a few pages ;)

    1. It is such a simple crafty thing to make, and the plus side is that they are beautiful and very useful!
      Can't wait to see yours!


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