Monday, February 11, 2013

A Girl Crush-Danielle Krysa

Are you thinking who she is? So was I, because I knew her more as The Jealous Curator. She is down there in my list of blogs we like, and up there with the people I would love to spend the afternoon with. I'm a great admirer and follower of her blog. The use of the term "girl crush" for this blog's series was actually born because of her. My sister and I haven't been able to go to these tea parties, and we really want to, badly!
I actually met her, because she was a speaker at Alt. No tea was involved, but she was very helpful and nice in our short conversation. When you meet a crush, it is such a relief to know they are kind, and not bothered to talk to yet another person. Hooray for cool, interesting, and amazing women!

Meeting her was one of my highlights at Alt. Hopefully one day, I get to actually sit down at one of the tea parties, or maybe she'll bring them to Europe?

Why do I Like Danielle Krysa so much?
Two very simple reasons: First; she finds the most amazing art for The Jealous Curator, which inspires me, and keeps me constantly going to her blog. Second; her girl crush invention, which to me is the perfect gathering, I'm so jealous of her for coming up with this (no pun intended).
She was so open and kind to talk with, I'm really grateful for this. -This is not a reason as I already had a big crush on her before we met, this is just the icing on the cake-

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Todo muy bueno!!!! Te ves ESPECTACULAR!!! Para asumir las "razones" y "mantenerlas"........

    1. Y lo linda que era, de verdad! Asi si es chevere conocer gente!

  2. i just saw this! thank you so much - what a lovely post! it was a real highlight to meet you too... and i hope i can make it to your part of the world some day soon... GIRL CRUSH - the European Tour! ; )

    1. I'm really happy you liked it! I'll keep on dreaming for the European Tour!


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