Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finding Inspiration in NYC

I'm still a bit jet lagged and I'm trying to re-arrange in my mind all the information I received at Alt and the best way to show it to you.
In the mean time I'll show you my real reason for going to the US, (not that Alt was not real), but it wasn't the original reason for my trip.
I own a store, which belonged to my mother and now belongs to me, so it has been in the family for 30 something years now.
Since the little one was born, I haven't been to the NYIGF, which is where I try to find new companies to work with, and even if I drifted away from my path (I ended looking at way too many stationery booths and for your information I don't sell stationery at my store) it ended up being very helpful and inspiring.
So here are a few of the things that I enjoyed during my very short trip to NYC.

Everything at the Chewing the Cud booth is on my wish list.
This feathers and arrows from The Great Lakes Goods were simply beautiful.
It was so nice to see Forage Haberdashery in person, their bow ties are just perfect.
The perfect temporary tattoo from Tattly. I'm considering buying a whole stack!

I wanted to buy one of each at the 1973 booth. A good thing that it was a wholesale show.

Being a fan of Converse, I was drawn right to this wall.

My first time at Purl Soho, and I think it is actually a good thing this store is far, far away from me.

And last but not least, the one stop for full on inspiration. Anthropologie has the best product and window design team. Those are embroidered doilies and handkerchiefs. Can I have them all, pretty please? It seems to me that what attracts me are walls of the same thing.

Wishing you a great and relaxing sunday.



  1. Es la ciudad que lo tiene todo!!!! Grande, pequeno importante, popular... Caminarla es una ensonacion "pura". Ademas...............

  2. Oooh I have New York envy. I have never been and its definately on the bucket list. Perhaps Alt NYC? I am thinking 1 day of Alt would be enough, I was to tired by the end of Friday!!

    Was lovely to meeet you, looking forward to keeping in touch. One of my favourite parts of Alt was meeting bloggers I really want to read.

    1. Thank you Eva. Me too, I was quite overwhelmed by it all! And hope to keep in touch and looking forward to reading more on your cool collaborations!


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