Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tea Tag Bunting

So after my sister was enjoying the snow, I was here in Florida enjoying the sun, and a little bit of crafting too.
I love tea; the flavors, smells, and tags! One of the many teas that I enjoy is Yogi Tea. Besides the normal flavors that tea comes in, they also have teas for all moods and ailments. Each tea bag comes with little quotes on the tags. I've been collecting them for a while knowing that I would come up with an idea of what to do with them soon; I guess I was inspired by Christmas and the always beautiful buntings by my sister. 

So this is the bunting I came up with using tea tags. I think they're really nice with encouraging and inspiring words to put anywhere around your studio and house. 
What you need is: Washi-tape(there are so many out there, but I went with the green stripes one), colorful thread, scissors, the tea tags, and voila. Just frame the tea tags with the washi-tape, place the thread in the middle of the back side (use more washi-tape), and then hang in your favorite spot. It is quite a simple project but it adds a little touch of color and inspiration to the space you decide to hang the bunting on!
Mine is now hanging below my plant and my sister's in now on her bedside table. Some inspiring words to last us all throughout 2013!!

Happy making!


  1. Sobrado de "ingenio"!!!! Mucho trabajo pero los resultados son DIVINOS!!! Me fascina.......

  2. Me like the teapot and the girl who holds the tea !!!


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