Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zen for a day

A quick drive north and we are in Japan, just for the day! The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is located in Delray Beach and it is a must!!! As you enter the main house you feel as if you've been transported through a gate to another country. The museum is beautiful, the library has an incredible selection of books and the shop is a 'little slice of heaven'. Continue on to the Roji-en and now this is not a slice of heaven but the entire cake! Complete with a pond, cascade, gates, bonsai exhibition, bamboo grove, bridges, koi fishes...mesmerizing.
*My favorite doll: The Peach Boy. *Koi and turtle filled pond.
thats my boyfriend in the shadow, not my mom (winkwink)
*While walking around this beautiful heron wouldn't leave my mom's side.
After you've taken your time walking and appreciating every garden's beauty, there is a restaurant that offers japanese beer, sake and delicious food to unwind. Its truly an inspiring visit!
Have you been to any new museums or seen an amazing exhibition lately?

Have a great day!

PS: Right now there is an exhibition on Japanese Dolls and Theater which I highly recommend-my mom and I wanted to take all the dolls with us!

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  1. Verdaderamente es "placentera" la caminata en medio de tanta hermosura... Y si. Transportas el espiritu a otras altas "lineas"...........


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