Friday, November 23, 2012

Yellow Green Farmers Market

Nothing like a visit to a farmer's market to spend your weekend. I was really surprised to find such an incredible place in the middle of nowhere (I have been spending a lot of time in Miami lately). The vendors are super friendly and everything thats sold is incredibly fresh as you can expect and just what you might be craving.

Theres live music and samples galore! And the food simply delicious. I think every market deserves a chance and when they turn out great...they've gained you for a long time to come.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? Are you a regular at your farmers market?



  1. Es tan lindo, tan calido, pleno de tradiciones. Y cada fin de semana nos sorprendemos con "algo mas"................. variedades, olores y sabores.

    1. Si me encanto! Gracias por llevarme mami!


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