Friday, November 9, 2012

Surprise Packages!

Sometimes weeks or even months go by before anything amazing drops on my mailbox. Sometimes, very unusually they arrive the same week!
I love snail mail. I love it since... I can't even remember! I love everything that comes with a written letter, a post card, and well, when someone takes the time to send a package with such love and attention, then I'm left as if someone had given me the greatest hug of all.

Thank you Puk for such a wonderful surprise, you have left me with my mouth wide open! Everything was simply beautiful and perfect!

Thank you Mami for my pot holders (now I have 3 instead of zero!!), and just in time for Thanksgiving!
Have you received any wonderful packages (or even nice letters) lately?? Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you open the mailbox and in it lies a very peculiar sort of envelope that you immediately know, this is not a bill?

Have a great Weekend!


  1. What lovely mail you've got! Yes, I love it too when someone sends me a package full of love :)

  2. Que belleza.... Que sorpresa tan calida y hermosa... Es asi que llega a nuestras manos. Y... por otro lado... El "match" de hermana-mama hace un envio "perfecto".


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