Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paper Discoveries

Today is a quick post on yet another one of my obsessions. I'll be traveling to Barcelona because my little one is having surgery, so my sister will be entertaining you all from Miami.

So as I was saying the other day how I love paper in all its forms, always have (it is my inner child that is still somewhere in there, who used to collect all sorts of stationery and obviously still does), be it postcards, writing paper for long letters (I think this is the best), envelopes, cards and tags. On our list of blogs we love there is a very beautiful one, Send More Mail, from there I discovered Post a Letter Social Activity Club and also Discover Paper .

Part of my paper stash, which includes Cavallini Papers & Co, Moleskine, Cornelia O'Donovan, Liekeland,  Het Paradijs, Whigby, and Atelier Giannini & Kuwata
Catherine Greenup, Lecanotrouge, Propeller Studio, Cath Kidston and Petite Alma.
Wishing you a lovely week to come!

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  1. Me gusta mucho esta forma de expresion!!!! me gusta.


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