Monday, November 19, 2012

Surprise Packages #3

I'm beyond happy when I open my mailbox and find cool things just for me! While I was away some unexpected packages (and one that I was actually expecting) were waiting for me.

Thank you so much Judith for sharing the dots with me (I never got the chance to get a hold on them), and those transport vehicles are beyond cool!
Thank you Sara for sharing with me your wonderful book! My son already took a look inside the book and wants me to make somethings for him. It is a very beautiful and inspiring book!
If any of you guys out there have kids (even if you don't understand swedish) and are in need of inspiration for very creative things to do with and for them, you can find the book here!
And finally this package from Japan which I ordered. Opening it feels like someone actually sent you a present.  I follow her blog and of course now and then I jump over to her online store. When you love all things Japanese and crafts and stationery...well, what more can I say? Did you notice a bird theme going on? I must be missing my grandfather. Make that, terribly missing!!!

Have you received anything nice on your mailbox lately?? Do share!
Have a great week!


  1. Oooooo, so happy to see this! Thank you SO much!!

  2. Thanks!! I am glad you found some inspiration despite the Swedish!!

  3. Que lindo!!! Me encantan "los paquetes". Cuando son "sorpresa" y se les ve el empeno conque fueron hechos, pues mejor!!!


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