Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Week in Pictures

And a few words, at least...
I was away for the week in Barcelona because my little one had to have surgery done. Thank God all went well and he is recuperating faster than the speed of light or than Spiderman's web! Whenever I have been to surgery (sounds like I went on a cool trip, which it wasn't) my recoveries were long and painful, so I'm quite amazed at how children's bodies react so rapidly and just get better! By the pictures you might think we were actually on holiday. It is a good thing that exhaustion doesn't appear on pictures.

Randomness; View from the plane, street art, Mercat de Santa Caterina, my little one right after surgery, and crocheting on the plane on the way back.
This is what we do best when we are there. We eat and eat! Especially the wonderful pastries like; ensaimadas (the round pastry), melindros (the flat cookie like),  churros (deep fried sticks) and the hot chocolate (as a hot chocolate should be, thick!!).
Have a relaxing Sunday!!

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  1. Me gusta tanto.... Y ademas ver a ese crio "alentado" compartiendo semejantes "bocados" ............... FELICIDAD!!!! Todas las fotos hermosas y ese "tejidito" se ve ............!!!!!


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