Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finding Inspiration #2

Here I go again finding inspiration everywhere I go! You're already informed about my obsessive photo taking tendencies, so it is only natural that I keep doing it, it keeps me sane haha! I've enjoyed great weather while finding beautiful scenery. This city (Cali) and its surroundings are really breath taking!
top right: moon rising from a mountain!; below: cotton! Everywhere cotton!
Does anyone know the name of this out of this world flower?

My trip is almost coming to an end. So I'm making sure I take with me as much inspiration as possible. All of this wonderful places and things I not only take back in my camera but certainly in my heart with a special place in my mind! Hoping I remember each and everything for the winter that will be arriving very soon!



  1. Recorrer los recuerdos... Tatuar en la memoria esas imagenes y que no se borren jamas........... Que tal esa flor.......????? GRACIAS!!!

  2. El valle del Cauca tiene tantos paisajes... Qué desperdicio de locaciones.


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