Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crafty People Series #6 - Monica Rios

I've known Monica for a very long time now. It was through my dad who happened to really like her bracelets, and spread the word (a little) about her work. When I thought of doing a Crafty Series while in Cali, she was the first person that came to mind. She lives and works in a lovely area that's called San Antonio (a beautiful neighborhood where artists live). There she makes the most beautiful and intricate bracelets using the card loom weaving technique that she learned from being her older brother's assistant. It's been 30 years since Monica learned to make her beautiful patterns with threads and she can proudly say she makes a living of this!

She makes very long weaves because its easier to make bracelet after bracelet and just separate them in the end. 
Top right: Her brother is now an amazing wood worker. He made for her the beautiful shuttle loom she designed.
1. First crafty memory?
    My mom used to make very elaborate macrame bags and I used to help her when I was 6 years old.

2. Favorite craft you have ever made?
    I remember a bracelet I made in earth colors and was wearing it through the loss of my mom.
    I was 18 years old and still remember very well how that bracelet was, it worn out and I'm sad I
    didn't save it. 

3. Favorite material to work with?
    Cotton thread!

4. Inspiring words you like?
    When you learn to weave it becomes entirely mechanic. You count continuously and it becomes a
    mantra of repetition and focus. Another thing that inspires me is the cosmic energy that colors hold in                           
    them, every morning I wake up with several mix and matches, most may seem impossible to make  
    sense but once weaved all together look outstanding.

5. Favorite color?
    Every existing color is my favorite!
    Funny enough the bracelets I make, tend to be very bright and my clothing very neutral.

6. Tea or coffee?
    Tea for breakfast and "tinto" (black coffee) in the afternoon.

7. Mountains or beach?
    Beach! I love the blue hues of the ocean and the colors of the coral reef.

8. Where do you find inspiration?
     In nature! Beautiful fishes, flowers...butterflies!

9. What do you collect?
     Everything miniature. 

10. What would you like to make that you haven't yet?
     Earrings. I've tried and tried and haven't yet accomplished what I want with them.


Monica is of such calm and peaceful spirit, and a great patient teacher! I greatly admire her work and her blessed hands! It was great to get to know her a little bit more and spend time learning from the master!
You can get in touch with her through her facebook page. But still the best way to find her would be to call her at +57.2.8937327.

Thank you!


  1. Sencillamente BELLO. INSPIRADOR. Que trabajo y que manos. DESTREZA, HABILIDAD Y PACIENCIA!!!! Eso es..... Me encanto!!!!!

  2. Lovely interview! Are Giova's kid's bracelets (as seen in the Paul & Paula Breakfast series) made by Monica as well?

    1. You noticed? Yes, we all have them, and wear them always. We love what she makes! And it is a bit of Colombia on our hands!


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