Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Girl Crush- Martha Stewart

A funny little term isn't it? Have you heard of the "Girl Crush Tea Parties" created by The Jealous Curator? I'm so jealous that I don't live close by to any of these girls so that I can go for tea with them!
My favorite of all, (of course) was the one with Dottie Angel, so inspiring, perfect and "peachy" indeed.
My sister and I have been talking about our girl crushes, which I guess they were secret in a way or supposed to be, at least. My list is long and apparently hers is too. So we have decided to share with you our crushes, and hope that you share with us, yours too.
I'm starting with a crush I've had for the longest time, and can't really remember when it started or why, all I know is, I still have the deepest crush and nothing can alter the strength of it!

These are not all! I did throw away the Baby and Kids ones.  I had them all, but I move too much! Oh, well!
These, I did keep!
That is supposed to be my sister and I at the entrance of the Martha Stewart Show.

And that in the circle is Martha. This is the closest I have been to my "crush"!
And my sister and me at the show! Don't focus too much on our foreheads, instead look at that amazing kitchen behind us, if you can! Oh, disposable cameras were so cool!
 Why do I like Martha Stewart so much?
Because she is a constant source of inspiration! Her magazines have always been my "comfort food". When I got married, had a baby shower, cooked Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, the first place I looked for inspiration was in her magazines! I still do! I love the perfection of it all!

Have a great day!


  1. Hahaha what a cool crush!
    Didn't know the Jealous Creator though, it's so diverse!

    1. Usually that was the reason why I didn't share my crush, it caused to many laughs!!
      The jealous curator is brilliant, I also have a crush there!

  2. Como sea. Desde sus comienzos, lo que "bien" haga o deje de "hacer". Es mucho lo que hemos aprendido y copiado y "gustado"... SI!!!

  3. I remember that day! That set is amazing! Thank you for taking me there! I heard we were on tv but no one was watching jajajaja

    1. You still owe me... you promised to take me to see Ellen (my other crush)!! Thank God no one was watching TV that day!!

  4. Hej Giova, yours 'boys' are featured in the newest issue of 101 woonideeën at The Yvestown Fair :) Have you seen it?


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