Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tarpon Springs

We heard that there was a Greek town near Clearwater (I don't know how it is that you hear these things or come upon them), but there we were, in a little town so very full of sponges. Greek immigrants arrived here during the 1880's when they were hired to work as divers in the sponge harvesting industry. Now it is quite touristy, but what isn't? You get on a boat to see how the sponges were harvested in the olden days, for the sake of your children or to do something other than look at sponges. It is a short boat ride. The town is small. The oldest son is happy (the little one, not so much). You buy a tiny sponge. You take lots of pictures and then you head back. Quite simple, really.

It felt weird to see all these "creatures" out and about. The woman of the store told me that there is a bigger sponge population now than ever. I want to believe her, but....

Have a nice Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. Si que me gustoo, me gustoo, me gustoo. Y ese "pescador" de esponjas... reviviendo la historia... El "pueblito" es lindo. El mercado es lindo. Tus fotos y tu "reportaje" muy, pero que muy buenos!!!!!!!!


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