Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday Butterflies

I'm always looking for new things to do here in Miami. Had heard through my lovely mother and sister about Butterfly World! And wanted to give it a try since there aren't many options I can think of besides going to the mall because of the AC it provides to this unbearable heat or the beach which is always lovely, but Labour Day weekend?!? I don't think so!!!
So after having a delicious late breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we took a short drive to the most amazing
butterfly park! It also has hummingbirds and tiny birds of all colors, as well as a flowering tropical garden and the most mesmerizing collection of passifloras!!!

It was truly like being in version of paradise! I had never been surrounded by so many flying butterflies and birds!
I recommend you take advantage of this "world" if you're ever in Florida! It was an inspiration being surrounded by such a well kept place and by the most beautiful creatures flying around and allowing you to become, for a tiny second, part of their world!
Have you ever been to places like this? If so, where?

Happy Monday!

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