Thursday, July 5, 2012


As you all know, I’m in Berlin! So while I’m taking classes and getting inspired by everything that I encounter daily (and nightly) one of the most amazing things is the underground. It’s called the U-Bahn and not only does it take you everywhere but it is always on time, its reliable and super clean! Of course this is all coming from a person that lives in New York where lets face it, the subway is quite dirty and almost always unreliable (I still love it though, don’t get me wrong).  But apart from all that, what is most amazing is the design of every single station!!! The best fonts, the most beautiful tiles and colors, incredible designs and really great lighting!
Alfred Grenander, a Swedish architect, designed most of the stations; Rainer G. Rümmler designed the newer stations. These are a few of my favorites…

I'll stay in the look out because I know there is a ton more stations I haven't gone to or passed through. And of course if you're ever in Berlin, take the time to admire each and every station, I'm sure you'll like them all!!!

Until next time,


  1. Starting to fall in love for Berlin!!! I told you. It was just a matter of time. Good friendships always require time!

    1. jajaja yes you're right! Berlin somehow reminds me of New York and Barcelona so I'm getting to really like it while I get to know it! Its very inspiring...

  2. Ademas limpio. Limpio para admirarlas mas. Estamos disfrutando esas bellezas con y por tus ojos. Que tal?
    Me gusta mucho...

    1. gracias ojala estuvieras aqui!


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