Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crafty People Series #2 - Marjolein Blommaert

For our second crafty/creative series we have Lein!! She works with autistic children and crafts during her spare time. Her crocheting started when she saw a nice heart garland and thought; "Oh, I can do that!". We met through a "blogging" friend, Judith, so this was actually the first time we met in person.
Visiting Lein was quite an experience, not only does she not live in Amsterdam, her place was an amazing "wunderkammer" and her crafts are spilled to every nook! So it was my kind of place, I couldn't stop looking everywhere (you know how much I love seeing what other people collect!).  Here she is!

1. First crafty memory?
    I remember making a shawl for a doll with my mother, she taught me how to knit when I was 5 or 6.
    I always remember working with my hands, finding sticks and grass and making little brooms. I also
    learned to crochet by myself using a children's book as guide.

2. Favorite thing you've made until now?
    A white vest I crocheted when I was 15. I still remember doing the squares, and how nice it was to
    make. It is the one I feel most proud of doing!

3. Favorite material to work with?
    Cotton yarn, the thin, shiny type in all colors. When I go in a yarn store I can't contain myself, I
    want them all!

4. Inspiring words you go back to or think often?
    It is from a book by Joke van Leeuwen, "De wereld is krom, maar mijn tanden staan recht."
    It means the world is twisted, but at least my teeth are straight. I have it's cover always where I can
    look at it. It puts a lot of things into perspective for me.

5. Favorite color?
    The rainbow! Sometimes I think my least favorite color is yellow, but then I look at my collection of
    ducks, and I think "no, I like yellow too!"

6. Where do you find your inspiration?
     Everywhere! When I'm walking or riding my bike, nature, magazines, blogs! Also my grandmother
     is a good source, apart from crocheting, she made all the clothes for her 13 children. I've inherited
     her crochet needles.

7. What do you collect?
    What not? So many things! Stones, feathers, children's books, flowers that I wear on my hair, just
    beautiful things that I come across.

8. Tea or coffee?
    Coffee because it is necessary for me, but I also collect tea flavors, my kitchen is filled with tea

9. Mountains or beach?
    The beach! I think it is pretty obvious if you're in Holland! I miss the sea when I'm away.

10. Best time of day to craft?
      The best time is when I'm inspired, it doesn't matter the time. Crochet can be very addicting!

Lein will be at the swan market in Rotterdam the 15th of July!!
Thank you so much Lein for welcoming me into your lovely home and crafty life!



  1. Ohhhh it turned out really nice, Giova & Lein! It's so fun to see 2 people I know getting to know each other! J'adore :o)

    1. And it was all possible thanks to you!! I'm glad you liked it!

    2. You're welcome Giova :)

  2. I am very happy to follow your blog! The international perspective is nice. And goes to show you that women are the same, everywhere...just our landscape is different, perhaps.

    1. Peggy, thanks so much for stopping by! Whenever I think of crafty people, I always think of you, and of course polymer clay!

  3. Ahhh.... Que precioso mundo!!! Ella es un ser colorido plena de vida. Suerte para ella en el EVENTO del 15 de Julio. Gracias a vos por traernos cerca estas personas. Sensible y hermoso!!!!!

  4. I was very happy to meet and welcome you, and love your superkind words :) Thank you again :)

  5. AnonymousJuly 05, 2012


    1. Gracias Bluma por tus comentarios son muy apreciados y agradecidos!


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