Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday flea

Oh sunday! Finally a sunday to myself after being in Berlin for almost a month. So I decided to go were everybody has recommended, the flea markets! I personally love flea markets and the ones in New York are wonderful, so I was very excited to venture of into Berlin style flea market sunday. The Mauerpark Flohmarkt is next to the park, not in it, and it is humongous! Apparently I chose the day with the most unbelievable weather because everybody and I mean everybody was there! You couldn't even walk, it was like being stuck in traffic! So, while your being careful not to walk over every person that's in front of you, you're trying very hard to see what catches your eye. A lot of vintage stuff, and a lot of new stuff too. Great clothes and furniture; but after all this wrestling with the masses I just walked out! The park though is really nice and enjoyable, perfect for a picnic!

Thankfully I was with a local who knew of a flea market just two blocks away, and when we got there it was more than perfect! The sign letters looked delicious and a nice man had the most incredible collection of paper bags from the old Germany.
I enjoyed having a sunday to explore. Later we went for peach-lavender ice cream and sat down in another park (Volkspark am Weinberg) that has a beautiful rose garden!  How was your weekend?



  1. Wow! Those sign letters look awesome!
    Smaller & less crowdy flea markets are the best :)

    1. Oooh I wanted to take the letters with me! All of them!...
      I was so happy for the smaller, much cooler flea market because the Mauer one was just too much!

  2. AY!!!!! Ja!!! Por Dios......... no sabria exactamente que mirar, ni por donde empezar. Y para sacrme de ahi? Pues a la fuerza. No quedaria otro remedio. QUE CHUCHTO!!!!!!!!! ME ENCANTA!!! Y me gustan las FOTOS!!! Que bueno!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ademas.......... De todo. No mejor dicho........

  4. NOOOOOO querida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lo MASSSIIIIIMMMOOOO!!!! PAU


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