Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magazine RoundUp #3

As the height of summer approaches and the yearning for far away places installs itself in us, whether we are able to travel or not this summer, the perfect visual inspiration to get us to those places is among this great magazines. Endless (first issue, published in Germany but in english) for instance is more like a table book (a beautiful one). Not your ordinary guide book/magazine commenting about touristic hotspots or the typical photographs. Too bad it has a big and heavy format so you can't really carry it anywhere, and to me defeats the purpose of what a magazine should be.
Afar (USA) on the other hand is your typical american glossy magazine from the outside! I've read this magazine from beginning to end! So don't be dissuaded by its cover it is not like the other typical travel magazines.
Then you have The travel Almanac, my, oh, my!! Why didn't I see this one before (also from Germany, in english). This one is the perfect travel magazine A5 size, amazing paper, wonderful articles and superb photography. Inspires you to travel differently.

I've included the Suitcase one for fun. I can't really think of why now, maybe the title? Beware, it is not about what to pack when you travel or how to dress when you're in a different city. I think it is geared more towards a younger crowd (By this I mean the partying type)!

Any magazines you would like to recommend to me? Or any nice summer (light) reading that you would like to share is always greatly appreciated!



  1. Yummy travel mags! A cool and relaxed read on style is the first issue of Home & Delicious.
    There are also some delicious recipes inside :o)

    1. Thanks Judith, I haven't seen this one and will definitely look for it!!

  2. Pues reitero mi sentimiento. Los viajes son un tesoro en el alma!!!! Leerlos alimentan los suenos. Y esos deliciosos sabores........ mmmmm


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