Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Other Posters

My sister has posted some interesting posters before. Since then, I've been on the look out for "cool" posters that she might like, and even though I don't understand some of them (language wise). I'm really attracted to their design and color. Of course their illustrations and chosen fonts. Posters have been around for a very long time, and for some reason their layout and design nowadays look more like they used to back in the day. Maybe that is the reason why they look so appealing?
By now, taking pictures of posters everywhere I go has turned into another obsession of mine!
Its just that they look so beautiful in the settings I find them!

I found these in Antwerpen...and in Amsterdam
I bet now you'll take a closer look at the posters that are around your city...right?



  1. Pero es que esos son ESPECTACULARES!!!! Esa es "una posibilidad"
    de "cultura"........ "entretenimiento"....... Surge una adiccion. Una

  2. Ojo avizor


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