Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Embroidery and conquering the fear of the sewing machine

There is a first time for everything, this is common knowledge, but it is not as simple as it sounds most of the times.
I have been conquering the fear of the sewing machine. Yes you read it right! It is not as strong as my fear of airplanes, but nonetheless it is a fear that I've been carrying for quite sometime. My mother in law has been teaching me how to use it, and so for the first time I have something sown with the "machine."
I started this project in January, cutting the letters in some Liberty fabrics (they're so thin, and delicate, so don't look too close because you'll see how crooked those letters ended up), pasting them with fabric glue, dyeing with turmeric and embroidering (all of these 4 things, a first for me).  So I was only able to finish when I knew how to handle that "machine" a bit better.

This is one of those words my sister is obsessed with, and I just hope she likes the final result because man, it took me quite a lot of time to finally finish it!!! So Gianni; I hope you keep this and pass it to your children, otherwise I'm coming after you!!!

Persevere: Continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success. 



  1. Yo no veo errores. Yo admiro el PROPOSITO!!!! El recurso, el color,
    el "GUSTAZO" !!!!!! Me fascina. DVINO, DIVINO!!!!!!

  2. Me encanta!!! Ese amarillo y el bordadito son divinisimos! Las letras se ven coolsitas porque tienen personalidad! I love it!!! Thank you mucho mucho!!!

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

    Encuentro alegría en esa perseverancia.Destacando muy bien con ese fondo y ese marco bisabuélico,que solo vos podés traerlo a la vanguardia.El límite de tu arte está en la frasesita bordada.Armando

  4. es imposible que tengas tanto mieda de la máquina............. yo le tengo más miedo a la aguja sola y parece que es solo una extensión de tus dedos....... para mi el resultado es de la refurinfunflais no se ve ni media arruga (gran fotógrafa) jajajajajajaja

    1. me has hecho reír como cosa rara, no es miedo sino pánico!! Pero bueno de a poco le voy haciendo!!


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