Monday, May 2, 2016

The Flat Swap 2016

And what exactly is a flat swap, you say? Well, it is exactly an exchange of parcels with a complete stranger.  I chose the name-  "flat swap" because I wanted to send things that fitted in the post office's slot, and still be considered as a "letter." It started as a project, and you can see it here.
What exactly are those parcels about? They are all about bringing "spring cheer" to the recipient.

There are no guidelines this year. You will put together as many parcels as your heart desires, making sure that you and your partner are on the same wave length.

These are the guidelines from previous years: here and here.

And here I mention some swaps I was a part of.

All I need is for you to send me an email saying you want to participate. If this is your first time, then please tell me a bit of yourself so I can make sure I find a good partner for you. If this is not your first time I probably remember, but you can still give me hints.

You have until Saturday May 8th to sign up and 10 days to gather and make and mail your parcel.

If you have any questions I'm here ---

If you have Instagram, then make sure to use #theflatswap2016 so we can all see what your parcels look like. You can get inspired from last year here.

---As with the previous years, these exchanges are a wonderful opportunity to cheer someone up, so make sure you are really thinking of what you are giving instead of what you'll be receiving, and it is not about buying things, but creating them.---

Some ideas: letter, favorite recipe, poem, souvenir from your city, pick a color and make that the theme, or make spring the theme, add things from your collections such as; fabrics, buttons, stamps, postcards, old paper, make something; coasters, needle case, pouch, notebook. As they say;"the sky is the limit." Have fun putting it together, that is the best part in my opinion.

Wishing you a colorful, and warm spring,


  1. Hi Giova, I would like to sign up for the FLAT SWAP...Patricia

  2. Hola Giova, me suena tu idea. And it is the last day to sign up. Ponme en la lista.

    1. Hola Meicy. Vi esto esta mañana y sin tu email y gustos no puedo hacer mucho. Para el proximo swap te tengo en cuenta, ya que a varias personas les gusta intercambiar cosas con países lejanos ;)

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