Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heading out

I am leaving later today on a trip that was almost cancelled 2 times. Two very different reasons, but quite amusing in their own way. Murphy's law perhaps? This is why I am not a keen planner, never have been... refundable my @$%#!!!

 Anyway, hopefully I will land in Edinburgh and will get to meet some of my Paper Love comrades.

If you have time, please look at this - Write On - maybe it is something that interests you? And then we can do our little bit in keeping the art of letter writing alive. I know there are millions of causes, each one more important than the other one, but if snail mail makes you happy, then do take a look, I think it is worth it.

Finally... my week has been all about hearts, and this one I found at my father's place... such a tiny sacred heart. I embroidered my first anatomical heart this week, which you can see here if you want. I also sent out my Valentine's parcels and hopefully they'll arrive just in time. I will share more about them next week, I promise ;)

Wishing you a magical weekend ahead,
P.S: My tarot learning experience has been amazing so far!! I might reach my goal of being an experienced tarot reader sooner than those 10 years I was aiming at.


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