Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Garland

Pheewww, glad I got that out of my head/chest, but enough of black abysses and demons- ahem- at least for a while… Now off to fall and all its beautiful colors… those deep yellow, ochres, and oranges (for a lack of a better word that describes that particular color). You know what I mean right??

What better way to preserve those found beauties than a garland?  I was missing a fall garland in my collection of garlands, and my pockets are full of leaves, acorns, pine cones, etc… basically anything that I like I pick up, and everything that has a little twig is perfect for a fall garland.

These leaves had started to dry up, and I love the way they curl up. I don't know if their color will stay, but I'm not after preserving them that way. So they will or they will not stay that color, I don't mind.

All I did was tie them with a piece of thread, nothing more… this would be a perfect thing to do with kids, I think.

And then hang besides all the rest of the garlands... I would have love to be able to do more, but alas, my mind is in the stitching, and it seems that is all it really cares about at the moment.

But I really wanted to show you my new garland and how nice it looks… anyway, I wish you a happy weekend ahead… may you find time to walk in the woods, to breathe all those beautiful colors in, and maybe make a garland or two…

All the best,


  1. my, my. this garland is too lovely...what a great idea. Thank you, Giova.

    1. Thank you dear Patricia, I had a lot of fun picking and putting it together, now it looks lovely next to the other ones!

  2. it's a lovely, light, fluttering autumn garland. Just right. X

    1. Your words do describe it perfectly, especially light and fluttering, it does move quite nicely… Thank you!!!


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