Thursday, March 19, 2015

West Dean College … once again

I visited West Dean College last year for this workshop, and I was completely enchanted.  This is one of those places where you go once, and for some reason, (I can think of many) you keep thinking and thinking about it. There is a certain energy to the place that will pull you back.

Back in September (2014) I booked my place on a workshop (more about that next week), something I usually never do because I can never seem to think so far ahead, and planning things make me nervous. But I did it, and since then I could only think of two things: one, "please, please, don't let me get sick by that time,"and two, "when will march arrive?"

As time does have the ability of creeping up on you, the moment to go back did arrive rather quickly. 

Here are some views of West Dean, mostly how the weather just adds to its charm, and how beautiful I find it to be.

The view from the entrance.

A close-up.

The grounds were filled with snow drops and…


The view from my room... lucky I had one this time around.

The view from the entrance, now with arch, at sunset.

Sunset, but really it is most spectacular in person.

At dusk.

A foggy day. There is something about fog that I find incredibly beautiful.

The colors and sounds are so different. So still.

Last picture before departing.

Needless to say, I feel so grateful and incredibly happy to have been able to be there once again. Also quite refreshed and inspired. I'll show you next week what I worked on, and what some of my talented workshop friends did as well!

I've actually been so inspired by the colors, as well as the workshop, which was just the most eye opening workshop I've ever been to, that I made some brooches and necklaces with West Dean in mind. They are here if you want to take a look, the brooches are a bit different to what I normally do, but I really like how they turned out.

Have a lovely and creative weekend ahead,


  1. soñar no cuesta nada.......... por eso sigo soñando!!!! Divinos los sitios. Divinas las fotos.

    1. ufff soñar es lo que me mantiene, de no ser asi, ya estaria…. mejor ni digo :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful place. Your brooches are beautiful, Giova :)

    1. It is such an amazing place, my pictures don't do it justice really.
      And thank you so much Alison for looking at my brooches :)

  3. Beautiful photographs. You were lucky with the weather. It's crap and grey right now.

    So glad you love coming to this and I get to see you.
    Nice brooches too. Your shop is looking good girl:-)

    1. Thanks a bunch.
      The weather indeed was amazing, from the second the plane landed until it took off again.
      Very lucky indeed.
      Don't talk to me about crap weather, this is ridiculous here, so, so gloomy, the whole shebang wind, rain, grey, cold, etc….


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