Monday, March 30, 2015

A Janet Bolton Workshop

As I showed you some days ago my trip to West Dean, it seem pretty obvious to show you my reason for being there-  a workshop that I've been hoping and crossing fingers, would have a space for me.

The reason why I booked it so much in advance was that every time I looked into a workshop with Janet Bolton, they were always full.

Now I know why. I would also get into a plane, a train and bus a hundred times to learn from her. A teacher who is able to open your eyes, to show you how the tiniest of details make a difference, to look at the world differently, is worth doing all that and so much more.

The pictures below have the strangest color. I've taken them already 3 times, and postponed this post that many times as well.

Photo courtesy of Ingrid Duffy
I'm really grateful and so, so happy I was able to be here. This is not the type of work I do, but it is a work I'm fascinated by, and was very curious to see her work in person. So hooray for all of that!!

She doesn't allow photographs of her work, but you can find her here if you wish to see more.

And if you have been thinking of doing a workshop with her, there is still one space left here. I really can't recommend her enough, and as I mentioned before it is really hard to find a place.

On thursday I'll show you some of the work of my very talented classmates.
Until then, have a lovely week ahead,


  1. I am intrigued with this concept of art pictures...I quite like what you have created.

    1. I was intrigued as well, and that is why I ended up doing a workshop with her. In a way it is like painting with fabric, with really tiny pieces, a sort of appliqué but not entirely.
      Thank you for liking what I did :)

  2. Looks like fun ! I am intrigued as well and now even more so .

    1. It was lots of fun, and lots of stitching too :)
      Thank you!!

  3. Ahhh divino!!! Yo tambien me alegro por usted. La "niña" de arbol, es parte de una historia...

  4. And I'm the lucky one to have seen your piece close up!! It's beautiful and I can see why you loved it so much. It's really like painting with fabric and stitches and every stitch and placement has its purpose. Delicate and beautiful. be proud!


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