Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love and Brownies

"Sure," you'll say. 
"Why not?" I would say.
"What do brownies have to do with love?" you'll say.
"Everything!" I would say.

There is chocolate for one thing, the baking part and love you put in counts as 10 things. Then the way you wrap it, also with love, counts as other 10 things. Voilà!! You have a total of 21 things, that is a lot in my opinion. So you see? Brownies and love do go well together.

 If maybe you still don't agree, perhaps you can do any of these things:

  1. Hold hands
  2. Watch a very romantic movie
  3. Have a pic-nic in the living room, if it is warm where you are, have it at the park
  4. Bake something (check)
  5. Write a love letter
  6. Cut out paper hearts- glitter optional (check)
  7. Give a book of poems (Love poems)
  8. Better yet write a love poem, or haiku, something
  9. Buy or make- heart shape cookies, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, etc...
  10. Say, I LOVE YOU to as many people as you can. Not randomly, because you're going to get the "weird eye."

The recipe for the brownies shown, which is the only recipe  I've ever used, so maybe you shouldn't trust me, because I haven't tried others, but then again, these really are amazing brownies, that's what everyone says.

Oh, yeah! The recipe is from Green and Black's, but I don't put cherries in it. Very easy to make and so yummy.

I really hope you can find the time to be a little romantic (anytime of the year certainly), but I do love Valentine's day, because if you're not romantic on that day, when there is a reminder in every corner, then when will you be?

How do you spell love? asked Piglet
You don't spell it, you feel it, answered Pooh

Sending you lots of love,
P.S: I recently added some of my favorite things here. Perhaps you would like to join this wonderful project? I hope you do. Let me know if you do?


  1. as usual, your posts are so well thought out and lovely and such a pleasure to peruse....
    I have been focusing a tiny bit more on raw food and specifically these RAW BROWNIE BITES from They are so delicious and jam-packed with good nutrients. The only drawback is that you need a food-processor (that I do not have) or a blender with a VERY strong motor.
    2 cups walnuts and/or pecans
    2 1/2 cups medjool dates
    1 cup cocoa powder
    1 cup of combined pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds
    -blend walnuts and/or pecans until finely ground
    -add cocoa; pulse to combine
    -add dates, one at a time (consistency should be like cake crumbs)
    -add the pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds
    -mixture should be sticky and then press into a lined (with wax paper) cake pan and refrigerate overnight. cake pan should be airtight....

    I don't know if you have access to the same ingredients. Fresh dates are so important.

    I do not bake much anymore now that I am seeking to prepare more raw foods. Let me know if you try this, Giova...patricia

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I do have access to really fresh and good ingredients.
      I have tried something similar before, unfortunately my food processor got lost (too many moves).
      I have a really nice raw strawberry cake recipe, I may share it when strawberry season arrives.
      I eat mostly according to ayurvedic principles. I have done this for more than 10 years now, and as I don't have a very strong digestive system, eating raw foods is not that good for me. Every once in a while is ok.
      all the best

  2. Yo quiero uno, para desempacarlo y comermelo..... Otro, para guardarlo y no tocarlo....... Bellos ademas. mmmmmmmmmm

  3. Wonderful!! Unfortunately I can't eat brownies but still, I can appreciate the look of them, and yours definitely looks tasty :D The packaging is lovely as well. It's incredible what you can do with just some brown paper and twine :)

    Fab x

    1. Oh, sorry to hear you can't eat brownies. I actually don't eat much chocolate either, I just make them for the kids and husband ;) And Thanks! Brown paper does go a long way doesn't it?


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