Monday, November 17, 2014

Paper, bookbinding and calligraphy Fair in Leiden

Let me say again sorry for not having a "handmade gift idea for Christmas" ready. You can call me Madame Excuses from now on! To my defense I'll say; the days were dark, being by myself with the kids does not make it easy (I take this chance to also say; "My hats off to all you single mothers out there, I'm in awe!), and this very particular fair had me all very excited.

Off to Leiden to Pieterskerk (on sunday) to see beautiful paper, artists books, letterpress and calligraphy examples. Did I mention tons of paper?? Sorry in advance for the bit blurry pictures, I was too distracted by beautiful things.

 The church was the best place to be sheltered from a very rainy day.

This amazing work has no website and it is not for sale, but that partial alphabet was something not to be overlooked.

 These beautiful colors from Atelier Lenneke Saraber,  had me at hello!

One of the nicest books I saw at the fair were from Water Leaf paper and Words, she not only makes her own paper (see above), she also is a letterpress and bookbinding artist. Oh, and she teaches workshops.

I love letterpress. Everything about it (colors, ink, paper, typography, etc…)!

This is my loot from the fair, couldn't possibly leave empty handed could I? Isn't that Futura "G" just gorgeous? Is not very often I find "G's" in fact they are not very common. The little blue book is from De Roofprint Pers and the nibs and holder are from Calli Art.

That is it for now. Hope all is well at your end.
Have a lovely week,


  1. This looks so amazing. I so wish I would have been able to come to this.

    In London we have a artist book fair which used to be incredible and I would find nuggets that I still look at today. Now it's been commercialised and taken over by the big publishers. I don't tend to go any longer:(( Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, Tina, it really was amazing!
      This one has not been commercialized... yet, real artists working at their craft, which is always wonderful to see. So inspiring as well ;)

  2. Yummy! I hope they gave free samples. You seem to have the loveliest shows around you..

    1. The free samples are the ones on the left (2 postcards), only that, but is was lovely to spend the day looking at beautiful things.

  3. Que caray... asi resultan mas cosas para publicar........... por ejemplo. mmmmm me encanta!!


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