Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY- Handmade coasters using scraps of fabrics

To continue with the idea of handmade presents that can be personalized, easy to make, that don't break your budget (or mine for that matter) and just in time for Christmas, I decided to make some coasters using fabric scraps.

I love coasters, and use them for almost everything. To put little flower pots, trays with trinkets, and even candles, and the best part is I can change them depending on whatever color mood I'm in.

Lately I'm into blues (also the music genre) but fabrics in this case;  beautiful indigos, navy blue, denim blue and the color of a bright and sunny day, with a splash of red.

 What you'll need:

  • fabric scraps in your preferred color/colors
  • bigger piece of fabric for the back
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine optional (I used mine to make these), but you can also do it by hand. I made last year's coasters by hand.

1. Cut out 5 or 6 pieces depending on the size you want your coasters to be. The four I made are all different sizes, but the coasters range 10x7.5cms for the smallest one (which is the one with the letter "G" embroidered) and 10.5x8.5cms for the biggest one (which is the one with the red stitches).

2. Arrange them how you want, and also whether you want a square or rectangle

3. Sew them together. By this point you are probably thinking no way, too much! But since the squares are so little, it really doesn't take that much time. The pieces of fabric are more or less 4x5cms.

4. I first made the top part and when I was done I cut out the piece of fabric for the back. I used the same fabric for all 4, but only because I had leftover fabric from another project, but you can use different ones if you like. 

5. Make the top and bottom part the same size and iron them (this helps a lot) and then sew them together.

6. I actually left the personalization for the end but you can always do that before putting the 2 pieces together. 

Even if you are sending 2 or 4, just make sure you make each one special. It doesn't take much time to add a few stitches, embroider an initial or a word. I think it does make the gift more special.

The other nice side to this present is that it is flat and doesn't weight at all, so you can send it via post with no problems. For more "flat ideas" go here.

Just a little reminder that there is a really nice (ahem) giveaway going on and there is still time to join!

Wishing you a crafty week ahead,

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  1. Me encantan! Me acuerdan de los coasters cuando vivia en BK cerca a Pratt te acordas? Me parecen divinas esas telitas con el hilo rojo! Una pared llena de esos seria lo max!


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