Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pasa y Sientate

I usually don't go store searching in my city, but as it happened, this beautiful and colorful store (that I've heard so many good things from my sister) was next to an ice-cream place that I was visiting with some friends.

I couldn't waste the opportunity to have a look and meet the lovely owner. Everything in the store is either made by her or her mother with so much love, that you can't stop looking. We almost didn't leave!

From the biggest details as in the animal papier mache masks to the cutest mouse in a box of matches, everything is filled with detail and craftsmanship.

If you don't happen to have any girls (like me) you are going to wish (for an instant that is) that you had them, so you can buy their clothes and crowns, necklaces and teddy bears here.

If you ever find yourself in Cali and more precisely in the barrio el Peñon, I suggest you stop by so you can fill your suitcase with lots of colorful gifts.

If on the other hand you happen to live there I suggest you run to the store and start ordering your favors for your next party (we Colombians take our parties very seriously).

Pasa y Sientate can be found here for all opening hours and other very cute ideas!!

Have a very relaxing and crafty weekend,


  1. Ohhh those dolls with the stick legs in the 4th photo are awesome! I want one! Now off to make a daughter ;) hahaha

    1. Aren't those dolls super cute and cool? I love them too! Good luck with the making ;)

  2. Absolutamente divino todo!!! Que tal ese "pitico" de raton en esa ensonadora cajita de fosforos... Y a medida que miro mas... Mas cositas que me gusten encuentro. Bello!!!

    1. Divino todo no?? A mi también ese ratón en esa caja me dejo matada!!


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