Monday, September 22, 2014

I saw an angel the other day

The other day as I was having my coffee I glanced at my neighbor's house and saw on her wall, what appeared to be an angel. I still don't know what it was exactly. A painting or sculpture? In any case, it is quite far, and yes I need glasses. But I'm plenty sure it was an angel.

I immediately proceeded to make one for me. I think every house needs an angel. Whether it be one with a pink dress or not, that is entirely up to you. I knew two things, it had to have wings (obviously) and a heart necklace (for certain).

Then came the problem of the face. I played around with pieces of thread to see how it looked better (this was taught to me by Julie Arkell). Of course the dolls I learned to make at her workshops, and they have become quite fascinating to make, as I had never made dolls before in my life, and find that every time I start to make one like this one or this one, it often reveals itself slowly to me.

 Should it have earrings and a halo wannabe, more like a disco dancing bandana?

I guess yes to both!!  I'm not entirely sure she will keep her smile, as I'm not too fond of it. It looks like that Nike symbol-logo thingy. Then again I think she is trying to tell me; "Just do it."

She looks pretty happy to me and who doesn't want a happy angel around??

Now I think I need one of those necklaces.
Some new things are up on the Etsy shop if you care to have a look.

Happy making, and if you see an angel, well… make one!


  1. Ay....... hermoso!!! Pleno de detalles. De "timida" sonrisa. Brindando la "flor de la esperanza" Que mas..?

    1. Gracias ome! La veo mas picara que tímida. Creo que es genetico :)

  2.'re a Peeping Tom! Ha...I would be too if the people here didn't barricade themselves in their house behind curtains, shutters and bars. I love her crooked smile (and lack of hair!). Hope she brings luck and love to your house.

    1. Haha!! I only do it because she constantly looks over here (but only because of that,, wink, wink)! It was the same in Spain, living such a "closed" life. It must be those mediterranean shutters i guess ;)
      Thanks. I hope she does!

  3. A mi me parece un chico todo comodo en su piel y con su vestido rosado que le resalta su alma soyada creo que escribe poemas y baila encanta su confidencia


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