Monday, August 4, 2014

The art of doing nothing

I wanted to pop by and say hello, and since I've been doing "nothing," I thought why not?

Have you ever tried to do nothing? Has it worked?
That is one of the many arts I haven't been able to master... so far. Every time I try I fail miserably.

Now for the past month I have been trying very hard to do nothing, but no, it hasn't been possible. There is always something that needs to be done, cleared up, arranged, organized, etc...

So I gave up trying to do nothing.  I think the word "nothing"by implying so little, puts tremendous pressure therefore making it too difficult to ever achieve that state. I think "nothing" is a state you reach out via a very mysterious highway. I haven't been able to locate the entrance…yet.

I decided to change the meaning of the word nothing, and now it means doing anything that I like doing with no expectations. For example; If I do an embroidered brooch it ends up on Etsy. I like doing it, but there is the expectation that I will sell it behind it.

So far this is what doing nothing means to me:
  • Reading lots of books (most of the ones above were recommended on the e-course I took).
  • Going to the beach in search of driftwood and other interesting specimens
  • Walking in the forest
  • Visiting bookshops
  • Writing on my journal
  • Finding beautiful stores, like the one below (more of it later one)

I hope all is well at your end, and that you have been enjoying every second of this wonderful summer.
All the best,


  1. This is my favorite kind of doing nothing. Personally, I can't stand to do literally nothing either, but it's lovely to do things every once in a while that aren't meant to be inherently productive. :)

    1. I've been trying to work on that list, but then it felt like I had to do that and then the whole purpose was totally defeated.
      I think I'm just trying to relax in whatever the moment brings for now. Hope your summer has been good to you :)

  2. Eso seria: ..."el responsable momento de la responsable irresponsabilidad". !!! Es un momento saber cuando llega. Aprovecharlo. Ahhhhhhh...

    1. ahhh ese si que me gusta, la responsable irresposabilidad, creo q los hijos mayores son expertos en ese arte!

  3. It's an interesting one, this doing nothing. I wrote a similar blog post but coming from the opposite end, i.e. I was beating myself up for doing nothing. I love you list of what doing nothing means for you. Long may it continue!

    1. I think it is always easier to beat one self up, I don't know why. I have written on that subject before, but also very different approach. I enjoyed reading your post a lot. Thank you!

    2. Thanks for visiting my blog Giova. Please feel to embroider the quote but, if you do, please post another comment with a link (if you put it online). I'd love to see what you do with it. I'm a big fan of sewing and textiles although it's not something I do myself so I love looking at other's work!


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