Monday, June 16, 2014

Vlieger - A paper store in Amsterdam

If you happen to live here and love  paper (that is) chances are you have been to Vlieger (many times).    
It is one of my favorite stores here in Amsterdam, and I just needed to show it to you in case you haven't visited or heard of it.

There is paper, paper and more paper (too many kinds to list here). Lots of washi-tapes, glues and bookbinding materials, and the added bonus that the second floor is an art supply store -run by the same people.

I hope that by the pictures you get a clear idea of how paper intense the store is, and if you are visiting then this should really be on your must see list.

Vlieger is open from Monday through Saturday
Amstel 34
1017 AB Amsterdam

If you need more craft stores in Amsterdam they are here.

Have a great day and see you back here on thursday (I'll be posting 2 times per week).
P.S: Suzi, your kind of store right???


  1. YES YES YES. I could be lost in there for days without food and be perfectly happy as long as I left with my share of their inventory. My mouth fairly salivates with lust for all those beautiful papers. You know me well.

  2. I need to buy a plane ticket for Amsterdam!!! This is my dream place :)

    1. I'm glad you like it, come one day and I'll show you around :) But surely you have amazing places in Milano right??

  3. Heaven I'm in heaven!!!!

  4. AAAAHHHHHHH creo que me vuelvo loca!!!! El color, el olor, las cajitas, los cartones, las... ,
    los..., aquellas..., y esas otras tambien!!!

  5. AHHHHHHH, I so miss this store. It's amazing. I'm so coming to Amsterdam for 2 days and can't wait to visit all the shops. Just looked at the craft shops post. YOU did a map??? I never got round to doing mine:-( LOVE the list.

    I'm so coming to Amsterdam this year. have I already said that???
    Thanks G for sharing!

    1. yeap, i did a map…
      do come and lets hang out together ;)


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