Thursday, June 26, 2014

Great places for coffee in Amsterdam

My intention was to start the week with coffee, not to end it, but give me coffee anytime (not really late though). I love coffee, but I only drink one cup and usually in the morning. Most of all, I think I drink it because the smell reminds me of my dear grandfather, and it is the one thing that takes me back to him.

I have been meaning for quite a while, to discover all the coffee places here in Amsterdam. Take note that I'm not saying coffee shop, as here it means, place where you can buy pot. 

This is the list I have gathered so far and it is just about delicious, aromatic and sometimes, very cute coffee (see bear below).

I'm including in this list, only places that I have visited and liked. No chains (sorry). I will be adding to the list as soon as I get the chance to visit more.

I only drink cappuccinos, I like them with a good amount of foam, not too hot (I don't get why some places sell incredibly hot coffee), and a bit strong, so I have not tasted their espressos, or any other kind for that matter. All of these places sell tea as well, just in case coffee is not your thing (why not?).

1. Screaming Beans - there are 2 locations, but I have only been to the one in Hartenstraat, great coffee and breakfast, quite full most of the times

2. Caffè Il Momento - it is actually a major bonus when the person making your coffee actually knows the best type of beans for the coffee you are ordering, sells some pastries, really great coffee

3. Lot 61- coffee roasters and provider to many stores here, all of the coffees are double shot, deliciously done and some pastries available

4. Bakers and Roasters - great for lunch, but brunch is the highlight, coffee is nice. Beware of long waiting times, it gets really busy

5. Coffee Concepts- located in a very nice area near the Vondelpark, great atmosphere, homemade pastries, fresh juices and good coffee

6. Trakteren - first time I've had a bear on my coffee, and it tasted great, they also sell lots of good quality chocolate, and pastries

7. City House Coffee and Books- this one is for all the mommies or daddies out there who want a good cup of coffee or maybe lunch with a wonderful playing area for the kids. My little one loved all the books and the big blackboard.

What makes a coffee place great? What makes you want to come back again and again?
I really like all these new, independent places opening up with excellent coffee quality, but I also like to sit comfortably and sadly most places don't offer that.

Wishing you a lovely weekend in advance.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2014

    I just started drinking coffee about 6 months ago and it changed my life. Finally I have energy! And it makes me happy. It has affected my sleeping slightly (I can only drink coffee once a day and only 3-4 times a week) but I'm sold. And I, on the other hand, only like coffee that is boiling hot. And now I need to try one with a bear on date in A'dam this summer? Jx

    1. A newbie to the coffee world and living in Italy? I never would have guessed.
      Definitely a coffee date, anytime ;)

  2. No hay nada mejor. Cafe con clase, caracter, ambiente calido. Definitivamente me encanta. Divino!

  3. Bookmarked. I don't drink coffee but still like places like these.

    Planning my trip to Amsterdam. Will let you know:-)
    Have a good weekend.

    1. We can always drink tea, which I also like.
      Looking forward to meeting you again :)

  4. Love! I have been wanting to do a "coffee tour" of Amsterdam too, but more about good coffee places with wifi and are comfortable to work in, for freelancers like me who like to work outside.
    Harvest & Co didn't make the cut?

    1. I think most have wi-fi but not all are very comfortable to work at…
      see previous post for the news on Harvest and Co. ;)

  5. You've got to try Sweet Cup Cafe on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat! It's a small cozy place run by a young couple and they have a beautiful dog, Sjef who accompanies them. I also only drink cappuccinos and they are amazing! (Like Lot 61 but in my opinion better :)!!)

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely go and try it out so I can include it here ;)

  6. I love the smell of good coffee, but only drink it every once in a while (and never at home). I'm already looking forward to a coffee date with you in any of the above cafés. That bear is just awesome, did it taste as good & cute as it looked? Happy weekend, Giova! xx

    1. yayyy, it's a deal and you can drink tea ;)
      Yes it tasted as good as it looked ;)


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