Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Beauty in Everything

These are some of the things I found to be beautiful these past two weeks.
  • wilted flowers
  • dirt and roots
  • worn and wrinkled linen
  • pieces of hand dyed linen
  • a dry mandarin found under a chair
  • shadows
  • tulips falling apart
  • apple juice bottles
  • afternoon light
  • home grown daffodils

I guess it is true what they say; "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."

Lately I have been feeling the need for a break, and since my kids start a 2 weeks vacation from school, I'm going to join them in their free time, and try to disconnect.

So this is goodbye for now.

I wish you a good beginning into the month of april,


  1. Me "fascina"..... Definitivamente. Y ese juego de colores, y texturas, y luces.............

  2. As always you are so right! Have fun and tell me all about the shops. And all the other stuff, too.


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