Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#7 - Doily Heart

This heart couldn't be more my type. Kitschy and pink with an overdose of scrap reliefs. And very easy to make, I think no explanations are needed.

You probably have seen this one already (on the right side of the blog). But here it is bigger, and taking part in the project.

I'm halfway through the project, are you enjoying the hearts or are you fed up with hearts by now?

Have a great day!


  1. Definitely not fed up! I love all these hearts so much.

  2. Me encanta. El colorido, la mezcla... Todo!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness Giova, I LOVE this one. I like all of your hearts very much but this one I adore. I have a weakness for kitschy Victorian scraps, paper doilies, lace and general feminine romantic overdosing! I try to rein it in most of the time, so that people maybe don't realise, but sometimes you just have to let it out - this one is perfect! :) Kate (from Paperlove)


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