Monday, January 20, 2014

#3 - A poem in a Heart

I really like this poem, i carry your heart by E.E. Cummings. This was an experiment to see how much of the poem fitted in a "normal sized" heart, and to see how the letters looked this way. A bit crooked, a bit difficult when it got to the last part.  I added some pieces of fabric as I went along, it seemed to me that the heart needed some sort of frame.

I'll be selling this piece on Etsy, if you are interested take a look or if you are curious about measurements, etc… take a look too!

I'm trying to "let go" of some of the things I make, since my drawers don't have that much space.

Have a great start of the week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a bunch Elsbeth. Did you see the fabric I got?

  2. Es tan divino! Me encantan los puntos de las i, y cada palabra como se une con la verdad que super increible! Love it!

  3. Detalle de letra. De inspiracion. Trabajo. Dedicacion. Me gusta......

  4. I love that poem, I do many of e.e.cummings poems.
    You did a fantastic job, dear Gio....WOW! I think it is just exactly right....

    1. oh e.e cummings, i could just embroider a bunch of his poems ;)
      thanks so much for your sweet words my dear Jone!


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