Monday, November 11, 2013

Magazine Roundup #6

Another roundup with some treasures I have found. Some were found in this very cool store, others in my local magazine store.

I think that the common theme between them is that they are not only beautiful, but wonderful reads as well.

What made me pick up Teller was the cover, and the words; "A magazine of stories." Atlas got purchased because there was a beautiful, old postcard inside as a gift (I'm a sucker for those kind of things). And then on further inspection, I was just completely sold, no freebies needed to persuade me!

Flamingo is the smaller in format of the four. I usually like the magazines I read to be a bit bigger, but I really enjoyed going through this issue; "the future craft issue." Very interesting short, articles.

In the case of Printed Pages, the third page was enough to get me interested; Letters of Note, by Shaun Usher. Now I think I'm going to have to buy that book. I love letters, even if they are not directed privately to me. And then there was an article on Sagmeister & Walsh, and I couldn't resist. After all,  I heard him talk here.

This was the postcard included in the Atlas magazine.

I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of these wonderful magazines that lately occupy my nightstand.

Happy readings!!

P.S: The winner of the giveaway is ………. Mamamut!!!! There were 40 entries minus 4 because some forgot to write their email.
Thank you all you participated and shared with me what you're most thankful for!! I loved reading each comment.


  1. Oh the Mont- Saint Michel!! How beautiful. i've visited this place a few times and each time i'm surprised about the beauty of the place. Haven you ever been there?

    1. Unfortunately, I've never been, but it has always been on my wish list. I think that was the reason for picking this particular magazine, because of Mt St Michel in the postcard.
      Is it as an amazing place as it seems in the pictures??

  2. Ay!!! si me gusta.........


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