Friday, November 1, 2013

Favorite Things GIVEAWAY

My favorite holiday - Thanksgiving -  is approaching soon, and I wanted to take this opportunity (today 1st of November) to thank you for being here, so... THANK YOU!

This giveaway has many of the things I love and own myself so I thought it was a good idea to share them with you. And here is why:

-Uppercase magazine - it is the best magazine in the planet (this planet, I can't vouch for the other ones).

-SMILE print from Heartfish Press - if this doesn't make you smile when you look at it, then you're in
 deep trouble.

-Mt tape, no explanations here, washi tape is just great!

-Masaaki's rubber stamps, I think his work is impressive.

-Giannina's print- ok maybe I'm biased here - she is my sister after all- but I love what she does, and she was so kind to donate this print. I love looking at her work and I'm sure you will too.

-Maria's necklace- my mother just makes the most beautiful things in the world (ok I'm biased here too), but I promise you'll love it.

-Moglea's Letterset - the nicest letterpress writing set I've seen so far. I own one so I know.

-Doeke's illustrated book - Even if you don't understand Dutch you will love this little book.

-Atelier Giannini & Kuwata's notebook and sticky notes - the best notebook I've found so far, the quality of the paper is just perfection.

  1. As always it is open to everyone. 
  2. This is the important bit;  I would love to know what you're most grateful for (apart from family and all the normal things we humans are grateful for), I want to know a simple thing that makes you say; THANKS!
  3. You don't have to follow me here or there, but share this very awesome giveaway if you like.
  4. It will be open until the 10th of November right before I go to sleep (so somewhere around 10pm).
  5. Don't forget to leave your email with your comment, otherwise how are you going to know when you win?
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a great give away with some really awsome stuff in it!
    I'm grateful for being able to be creative with my hands and mind!

  2. So many beautiful things! You host the best giveaways Giova. Jx

    1. Oh yeah, and I'm very grateful for my talented blogger friends who meet me for brunch while I'm visiting Amsterdam.

  3. I am grateful for all the amazing people I have got to known and their different culture in my last travels.
    The giveaway looks very tempting!

  4. Dear Giova

    I hope you are well.
    So wonderful and lovely things you want to give away! I would love to participate.
    I am grateful for having found a hobby/hobbies that truly makes me happy deep inside and keeps on inspiring and amazing me.

    All the best,

    mementovivere-dk (at)

  5. I would love to be entered in this AWESOME giveaway! Thank you!:)
    I am thankful that I can afford to snail mail, it does get quite expensive, doesn't it? Lol

  6. As always I'm thankful for sunny days!

  7. This time of year, here in the Midwest I am most grateful for the falling leaves! The colors are wonderous as the leaves change and the rustle the leaves make as my three charming pugs run through them is glorious!

  8. Esta bien. Eres mi "hija". Pero aparte de esto, me encanta todo lo que emprendes y lo que haces. Y aparte, esta bien. Tambien es mi hija (Giannina) pero estoy muy encantada con todo lo que hace. Todas esas flores para mi, las voy a colocar en un "florero" enorme!!! Y voy a seguir sonando en esas magnificas cosas de todos esos artistas maravillosos...

  9. Oh wow that looks like a great collection to win! I guess, other than loved ones and such, I am really grateful for books. Because there is nothing like winding down after a tough week with a great book that makes you laugh or cry or feel all kinds of things for the main characters.

  10. Hello,
    what a great give away. All beautiful stuff.
    I say thanks to the WWW, world wide web, so many great things to see, and so many nice people to meet with.
    Have a nice day, Jeanette.

  11. Hello dear Giova, what a lovely Giveaway, so many treasures:) I am thankful for my family, sunshine and fab friends all over the world. And our health. Happy weekend sweets, and I have my fingers xx. A xx

  12. What a lovely selection. I'm grateful for my family and for good health, especially after my mum has recovered from a serious illness and we get to have more time together. Love from Berlin, Jenni
    PS: I think you already know my email, but just in case it's info{at}jennifuchs{dot}com

  13. Always I am thinking of my next project, loves to try out new ideas.what a wonderful giveaway. beautiful things that I will use in my best creative hours.

  14. Dearest Giova...I am most thankful for the talent I have been given that allows me to make things that give people a reason to smile.......AND for the great fortune I have had to be able to spend many of the past summers in the most beautiful place where I have met such incredibly creative and inspired, like-minded people with whom to share our blessed.

    And you, my dear, are one of them who continues to amaze me. Each day I check your blog and find some delightful post with comments from your heart. I am thankful that I met you this summer...and that we will be friends for a long time.

  15. Iets heel stoms misschien, maar ik ben dankbaar voor mijn taille!
    Ik heb nl. 2 prachtige lange slanke zusjes en daar steek ik met mijn 10 cm kleiner, minder mooie gezicht en maat 44-46 nogal bij af. Maar wat mijn zusjes niet hebben en ik wel, is een taille! Daardoor heb ik een zandloper figuur en mijn zusjes dus niet. En daar ben ik elke dag toch wel erg dankbaar voor. Ondanks mijn stevige figuur voel ik me daardoor toch wel sexy en ben ik nu, eindelijk na 33 jaar, blij met mijn lichaam. En dat voelt fijn!

    En natuurlijk ben ik heel blij met alles wat ik heb. Een leuke man, mooie kinderen, lieve familie en een fijn huis. En dat is toch eigenlijk alles wat je nodig hebt.

  16. I'm thankful angels, being able to keep in contact with people all over the world through snail mail, my creative streak that is at least 3 country miles wide, books that take you to other words, road trips, country music, and horses.
    Those are some of the not-so-normal things I'm thankful for!

  17. Ik ben dankbaar voor de dosis fantasie in mijn hoofd, de rood-met-witte-stippen beker die mij elke ochtend tijdens het koffiedrinken weer een glimlach bezorgt en voor het hebben van de mogelijkheid om zelf mijn eigen brood te bakken, niets zo ontspannend als dat!

  18. Wow, these things are great, Giova!

    Apart from all the normal things, I'm grateful for music and snail mail - things that really brighten my days.

    All the best / Silje (melisdryss[at]gmail[dot]com)

  19. Everything looks so cool! Nice mix of stuff :)
    I'm thankful for opportunities, possibilities, and the freedom to make choices. You know my email :)

  20. Wow, so many nice goodies in there, Giova! Besides the obvious (family, friends, health, love, home, ...) I'm thankful for great scents. Nothing perfume-ish, but more like the smell of pine-trees, the sea, fresh bakings...<3

  21. Pues sí, además de estar agradecida de la vida, la salud y la prosperidad de mi familia, este año sobre todo estoy agradecida porque he podido hacer lo amo: en mi trabajo y en mis intereses propios. Estoy agradecida por trabajar cerca de mi hijo y verlo en las tardes (y no tener un trabajo hasta horas de la noche), estoy agradecida de vivir cerca a ese trabajo y no atravesar toda una ciudad. Estoy agradecida por la comida tan deliciosa que nos dan y por el amor con el que trabajamos. Estoy agradecida de haber visto este post a tiempo y tener la oportunidad de ganarme un dibujo de Giannina, lo máximo!

  22. Grrrr olvidé mi mail!

  23. Hi! I just found your lovely blog via Puk's blog. I am grateful for the possibility to live in a city where I can bike everywhere and I could just sell my car because I never used it (that is Copenhagen). The email should be visible through my Google account, which I am using to comment :)

  24. So excited to enter this Giova.
    What a fantastic giveaway.

    I'm greatful for the knowledge that whatever happens in life, tomorrow is another day!

  25. Wow, great goodies! I want them all! : P
    I am so very grateful for being able to work with my hands.
    Great blog Giova!

  26. What a lovely set of goodies :)
    I'm thankful for the fact that I love my work, not many things are worse than to do a job every day that you hate!

  27. So many great things!
    I'm grateful for being mom and work by my hands. :) I'm happy and thankful!

  28. I am thankful for being able to make art every day. :)

  29. Ik ben dankbaar voor het feit dat ik eindelijk terug creatief bezig ben en met mijn handen werk, iets wat ik als kind altijd wou doen.

  30. I am thankful for ability to make my dreams come true and being full time jewelry maker, i am thankful for not to have to go everyday to boring job:) And thank you! for sharing with us so many lovely things:) Now time to browse a little this lovely blog! (i am first time here, but already in love in this blog:) and my mail -

  31. I am thankful for crafting. Meredith245 at yahoo dot com

  32. I love that I can rest when I need it,
    and I´m thankful for that I don´t believe in everything I think:)
    Happy weekend Dear Gio, miss our time in France!!!

  33. yes, today is the last day so I hurry up to leave my comment ! :-)
    Who wouldn't like to win such great items ?
    So... what am I grateful for ? If we don't take into account, the loving family, the roof above my head and the food on my plates, I will have to say that my three-wheeler bike lent by the city council of Amsterdam for people with an handicap is my most precious, thankful item I have. After an accident in 2007, I was able to bike again thanks to this wonderful bike they adapted to my new handicap. I got freedom again that I enjoy everyday, while remember me as well how great this country is with helping people with disabilities.
    My email is : patriciathomazo at hotmail dot com.

  34. So many lovely things! thank you
    I am grateful for; sunshine after rainy days, when I manage to catch the train but I thought I wouldn't, the accident of my birth in a land and family that have so many privileges and the opportunities I have because of this

  35. What a generous giveaway! so many wonderful things you have collected...I am grateful that I got to meet you in France this summer and have some of your beautiful fiber art! Thankful that I get to make art everyday and live in a place surrounded by nature.

  36. doy gracias por tus giveaways que son exquisitos...................... asi no me los gane (por eso tambien gracias!!! jajajajajajajajajajajajaja)

  37. I am thankful for every new chance to try again. Everyday.

  38. Hello Giova,
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, its the last day to enter, want to try my luck then~
    I am grateful and blessed that there are many amazing people & family around me to support all the time, specially my mom, over the weekend she teaches me on how to cook new dishes from her own recipe, she teaches me step-by-step on how to bake a perfect chiffon cake, i am starting to miss her already! And I am grateful that I still have a job to earn for my living, I feel grateful for everything I have now, a house, an old car, a little corner for snail-mailing, a place for me to cook ...etc!
    Thank you Giova!

  39. sorry, forgot to include my email :

  40. I'm thankful to have found your site, even though a bit late for this giveaway. Will look for these items your excited about. Will be following your work!

  41. Although much too late, I am thankful for:
    my family and friends, that they are always near me, even when they don't live next door; this feeling of being loved; this passion for creating things; meeting wonderful people, to share this passion and find their mails in my letterbox or mailbox, which makes me so happy, I could cry....


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