Friday, November 15, 2013

Crafty People Series #11 - Patricia Thomazo

The first time I encountered Patricia's work was at this store, and without knowing it was her work. Now I'm very happy to have met the person behind the beautiful work. I must admit that I wasn't a fan of plexi-glass before today, but her work has changed my mind completely. I love how many details and layers her work has, and her different approach to nature's objects. Here she is.

1. First Crafty Memory?
   I remember really young (maybe 8) cutting into plastic to make brooches, it was the 80's so it was a face, with yellow 
   hair, very punk. It is still in my parent's home.

2. Favorite Craft you've ever made?
   It think it is the snow flake crystal brooch. I loved how it turned out, plus I don't think it will ever go out of style, 
   because of it's natural form.

3. Favorite material to work with?
    I'm not sure I have one. I like working with paper, plexi-glass, and felt, but I change from time to time. It really 
    depends on the mood and the ideas.

4. Inspiring words you like?
   I have no specific words that inspire me, I'm more inspired about the visual than words. Maybe "Keep calm and 
   carry on,"  are nice words.

5. Favorite Color?
    Violet or purple

6. Coffee or Tea?
    Coffee in the morning and earl grey tea in the afternoon.

7. Mountains or Beach?
    Beach. I don't like the mountains at all. Maybe it is because I grew near the ocean.

8. Where do you find inspiration?
     By looking at living things grow, in particular my plants, and how slow they grow. Everything in nature is 
     beautiful and  it has a function. I really find it inspiring.

9. What do you collect?
     I have lots of stickers and stamps, and also old cameras, especially polaroid ones.

10. What do you like to make that you haven't yet?
      I would like to develop another 3D project. I really enjoy the work that goes into it, a lot of patience is needed.

Her web shop Pop a Porter is launching today and she is offering a discount for everyone. Code: WEB-SHOP-LAUNCH

Have an amazing weekend.


  1. Un trabajo colorido, diferente, lindo!!! me gusto.

    1. Si viste? A mi también me encanto el trabajo!!

  2. Ya extranabamos estos "crafty people". La haces muy bien de "entrevistadora. Y estos personajes que nos presentas, son inspiradores.

  3. Yesteday i received your wonderful giveaway.Fantastisk nice quick delevering. Many thanks for all the fine things. I am very grateful to be the lucky winner.
    It's nice to get real mail, but unfortunately it does not happen so often anymore.
    All the very best from Alice, Denmark

    1. I'm so glad Alice that you received the package and liked everything!!

  4. I hadn't heard of her before but I'm off to go and look at her work, what an interesting range of things she creates. This is a great series!

    1. I wasn't familiar with her work either, that is why I like doing this series. Getting to see where people work is just incredible for me!
      I'm glad you like the series!

  5. I got an email from Patricia. thank you for introducing me :)

    1. And I find out Giova did a portrait on Patricia through your blog, Stephanie. Such a small world ;)

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