Monday, October 28, 2013

Visiting Paris for a few days... with a teenager

Last year my husband left for a few weeks to Colombia, taking with him my little one. It was his first time there and first time meeting his grandfather. So I decided to go to Paris with my older one for a few days. Again this year my husband has gone to visit his family, so I thought,  Paris for a few days? Why not. And off we went.

My son is not yet a teenager (but acting like one in many ways) and I'm just… sort of trying to hold on to this precious time before he turns into a teenager. Just the two of us, with no distractions, and no one else. Building memories for myself I guess, only time will tell if he built them as well.

We did similar things as the previous year; like walking a lot, searching for street art and sitting in cafes (not something we can do when the little one is around). Only this year he found his favorite store in the whole wide world (his words, not mine), and he wanted to be in there every day.

Photo booths are the best and Paris is one of the few cities that has plenty of them. We always like doing this as a family or in this case, just the two of us. This is an excellent place to find a photo booth near you. Our favorite, is the one in Bon Ton because it has wigs, hats and glasses.

Even though I've been to Paris many times, I had never been inside Notre Dame (there was always an excuse, or a very big line). This time we finally went in after my son suggested that we go, and also there were no lines.

It was breathtaking. There was even a chorus the whole time we were there, elevating the experience to a different level.

We managed to visit the Pompidou to see Roy Lichtenstein's exhibition, which I think was just perfect, and my son was quite taken by it all as well.

We ate and ate the glorious french food. Of course the macaron was eaten outdoors because the weather couldn't have been any better.

After two nights and almost three days we headed back. I'm hoping we can continue this "ritual" of going to Paris for a few days.

As much as I love all the stores there and walking and eating, I wouldn't want to do this by myself. I enjoyed being with him again, -it is not as if we never cross words or anything like that at home- but traveling is a different kind of story. It is just us, and I like it very much.

Wishing you a most excellent start of the week.


  1. Such a precious trip! I'm sure he'll remember this trip too, if not for the art and Notre Dame, than at least for the pastries ;) Oh and the photobooth at BonTon is the best!

    1. It was Judith, we really had a wonderful time. I think he will remember it more as the time he found his love for comic books ;)

  2. Increible!!!! Eso es asi: Cuando se puede, se debe.... Al disfrute. Me alegra!!!!!!!

    1. Cuando no se debe pero se puede, esta aquella tarjetita de crédito que hace que se pueda, jaja!


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