Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Most Perfect Gift

Last Christmas my husband asked me what I wanted as a gift. I replied; "I would actually like to go for a week in France to do a workshop, and as it is a "big gift" it can count as Mother's day and 40th birthday too." He hesitated for a few seconds and then agreed to it. He was not only paying for it, he was also staying by himself with the kids. I think he really didn't know what he was getting himself into, and I know this is the last time he'll ever ask what I want for a gift.

I had to wait 9 months for my present to become a reality, and since time just flies I suddenly found myself in the most idyllic and perfect place. It was an amazing week that exceeded all of my expectations. Here are some images of the most wonderful week.

I mean, really? In my dreams it didn't look as good as this (the house you see, is where I stayed). Les Souers Anglaises was the spot for the workshop I had chosen, but I'll tell you more about that very soon, I'm still trying to organize my thoughts and pictures.

 Then it was the food, and the amazing setting and view we had everyday.

My first time at a "brocante" in France.  I didn't last too long in there, as it was a sort of cave very humid, dark and with a strong damp smell (not my favorite kind). But I did manage to get a few things (wink, wink).

And the amazing people I spent my week with. The most creative, inspiring and kind women I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Seriously, yes, very, very seriously, this was one hell of a present. I can't even describe how incredible this week was for me. All the things that I learned, saw and experienced would fill a bunch of notebooks. In the meantime I leave you with this few images, and I promise I'll show lots more in the following days.

Have a most wonderful day.


  1. so happy that you had a good time xx

  2. Sweet that you had SUCH a fabulous time! And glad that you were introduced to the French brocantes... although the ones outside are better: more fresh air with all the dust ;) Looking forward to what you'll show next!

  3. Un maravilloso sueno... y cumplido!!!! Increible. Bello.

  4. That is one hell of a gift. So glad you had an amazing time. You deserve it for sure! Can't wait to read and see more about it. jx

  5. Wonderful present! Has J fully recovered from his week with the kids? Haha!

  6. Looking forward to hearing more AND seeing lots of pictures!

  7. Finally got home last Friday...a few delayed flights, missed connections and extra days at Sue's.
    Had to spend the weekend making it feel like "home" again. After a month, my home felt like a batchelor pad!
    But, seeing your photos made me smile. It was such a pleasure to meet you and find a new lifelong friendship..
    Your comments are true - so many creative, kind and inspiring women all in one special place.
    It feels so far away a dream.
    Back to the grindstone, but with a new light - INSPIRATION - and spirit that has been missing for some time.
    Be in touch...okay? xo


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