Monday, September 2, 2013

A Collection of Images from Copenhagen

When you travel are you the sort of person who takes and takes pictures of everything? Or do you consider yourself a bit "stingy" with the picture taking?

I'm a bit on the stingy side.  I've no idea why, I think it is a left over from the times of developing images and the high prices that came with it. I also think "why take so many pictures if in the end, they're just going to lay there in the computer.

Today I'm showing you a bit of my "Copenhagen album," what inspires me and what I tend to take pictures of when I'm traveling.

 Blue skies are on my top 5 favorite things. I wonder why that is?

 At the Royal Copenhagen. I love ceramics and pottery, especially dainty ones.

 Looking out of windows is a hobby of mine, this was at Royal Smushi Cafe.

 Some colorful strings at the same Cafe.

 Don't ask me about this picture. This sort of image inevitably winds up in my camera.

 At the shop Stilleben.

The view from the top is always the best, or so they say. On sunday Judith dragged me up 400 steps at the Vor Frelsers Kirke.

A small collection of the letter "G."

Panoramic views usually end up in the forgotten pile, they only mean something if you were the one taking it.

What about you? What kind of images make you think "what on earth was I thinking when I took this picture?" I know there are plenty of those in my hard drive.

Today I'm heading out again. But this is not an impromptu trip, one that has been 10 months in the making. I will tell you more about it when I get back.

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. What a nice roundup, Giova! Love the G-collection and wow, I didn't know that the Smushi Café was so colorful on the inside (only had tea on the terrace)... Today I blogged about our trip to the top of the Vor Frelsers Kirke; with the "amazing" view :D Have a lovely trip this week!!! xx

    1. Thank you so much "travel companion". And thank you for dragging me up those stairs!

  2. Aw now I'm curious about where you're headed to!

  3. Esos recorridos se hacen eternos en la mente y el corazon. Bello!!!

    1. Gracias querida... verdaderamente que ciudad tan linda!

  4. Waaa now I'm jealous of your Copenhagen meetup!
    Blue skies = because we don't have them very often here? Haha.


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