Friday, July 26, 2013

Amblé - Great drinks and bites in Florence

I was supposed to continue with my posts while traveling. All was perfect in my little head; flowers and fields with internet connection. Yeah right!

Then I found internet but no longer wanted to put the posts that were ready (it must be the heat). So I'm showing you this wonderful place instead.

Amblé, fresh food and old furniture is their motto. My cousin took us there and then I spotted it on the Unusual Florence map. Really the best place to enjoy the afternoon sipping the best spritz or mojitos (I'm not kidding, the barman knows what he is doing), and browsing vintage furniture. I would've loved to buy one of those letters, but there is no space in the trunk of our car (really)!

Definitely a must if you are in Florence. It is located in a small piazza where no cars are allowed, so if you have children, then you can sit in peace (more or less).

Amblé is located in Piazzetta dei del bene 7a, Florence, Italy.

See you soon, (providing that I can find internet connection).
Have a great weekend!


  1. What a cool place! Big sign letters, green plants, vintage toys & fans... and "sans souci" drinks... woah!!

    1. I thought you might like it, maybe it was the letters that made me think of you ;)

  2. Que sitio tan especial de lindo. De acogedor. Ahhhhhhhhh.............


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