Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Greetings from Miami Part II

So the last time I was writing from Cali awaiting the 'beach surprise' my boyfriend had planned and let me tell you it was wonderful! We went to Bijao Beach in Panama. It was truly enchanting and the days were sunny and oh so beautiful. It was about relaxing, eating great food, reading, playing in the pool(s) and taking long walks on the beach. I really recommend this 'slice of paradise'.

After a marvelous ending to a two month stay in Colombia, I came back to a full house with my sister and nephews visiting. I love seeing how time makes the 'babies'- how I call my nephews even though the oldest will soon be 12 and the baby one is 2 and a half, grow bigger and bigger by the second! So for the past weeks it has been about enjoying the time with them and getting to do all the fun things they want.

This is it for now...I will be getting back to my routine of painting and sewing because in February of next year I will be having a solo exhibition (woohoo!!!) Lots and lots of work to do!
I hope you are all having a great spring and that all your projects and creations are coming along smoothly and beautifully!

Have a sunny day!

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  1. Que bello........ Ahora es tu tiempo de "sembrar". Suerte y bendiciones!!!


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